前几天被马叔的song for a friend秒住了,但是《Selections for friends》专辑里的加长版有一段歌词没有找到对应的文本,迷迷糊糊听到一串词之后又在意得不得了,以致于每次听到这首歌的时候都不由自主地切换成“听写”状态,小宇宙燃烧吧燃烧吧还是徒劳无功。



I wish the world was alive like you

I wish the wind would blow me through

Another opportunity to approach you

Another telepathic rendezvous

I wish you well with your walking and jogging

You got a double side in Mexico

I gotta try to keep your attention

Gotta write using less emoticons

Gotta figure out the snooze alarm

I wanna lay in your place till dawn

I wanna play in your park come on now

Let me see your other upper echelon

Today on history:

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  2. 2009:  你会摔倒的,你也会爬起来。(3)
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