A letter from the past


If you would like to listen to me, there is some advice about what kind of life I like now.
Do some sports, read some books, listen to some music, draw some pics, write some words, talk to some friends, visit Mom and Dad, and keep company with yourself.
Learn to convey your intentions more clearly. And learn to get the keywords of what people are saying.
But, when you don’t know something, do not pretend to know. Ask, they won’t be offended.
It doesn’t matter how popular you are, how much money you earn, or even how long you live. Know what YOU want. Be brave. Be consistent.

Like I was told by me from last year, enjoy your life, not your life in other people’s eyes.
So for this year: Listen to yourself. Be someone you like, and you will be fine.


Today on history:

  1. 2006:  过得奇快的一周(10)
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