I like the big map~~~~

The map is much better than the list~~~
How clever msn is!!!!
Seeing the orange stars shining on the map, I feel that there’s really someone in some corner of the world which I don’t know doing the same thing as I do~~
Maybe rather far away ,though..
I am not alone~ oh yeah~
Chinese is ok…English is ..ok…..Japanese is …….ok..
Other languages are really beyond me..
How I wish I knew all the languages in the world!!
Well, it doesn’t matter.
I am still young~(don’t kick me~)
I see….I should be doing my homework now……
I go …I go……>_<
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  • At 2006.07.06 21:20, 秩源 said:

    Dliow yvxlnv nliv orggov zmw sfnzmh svzig yvxlnv nliv xlmuorxzgv.

    • At 2006.07.06 22:08, arcangelo said:

      hi…I\’m Italian…I\’m 16 years old…I\’d like you add me…this is my account: arky_leaf90@hotmail.it ….kiss kiss…bye

      • At 2006.07.07 10:59, 秩源 said:

        WZK blfi yilgsvi hvvnh evib xszinrmt……

        • At 2006.07.11 13:33, 屿 said:

          Cosmo Zhou 同学,请问你说的是哪国语言?o>_<o完全看不懂。

          • At 2006.07.17 20:24, YY said:


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